Coir Runners

Coir is made from the strong fibres of the coconut husk found in Kerala in India. Picked by hand and softened in the sea water, so that they can be woven into a selection of durable and good value floor coverings.

Extremely hard wearing coir is an ideal choice for any areas of high traffic, particularly hallways, stairs and landings. It is laid on underlay and gripper for fixing to stairways and provides all the friction you will ever need for safety

Coir runners are available in various widths and colours.

Design Herringbone

Fibre: 100% Coir
Backing: Natural Latex
Weight without backing: appx. 1600 g/m²
Weight with backing: appx. 2200 g/m²
Thickness without backing: appx. 10 mm
Thickness with backing: appx. 12 mm
Widths: 65, 90, 120, 150, 200 cm
Colours: natural, natural/brown, red, red/black